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What if there was a way to analyze past customer behaviors and business results to prepare for the future? That’s what Data Analytics is all about. It involves analyzing data to develop predictive models, optimize business processes, and provide a better customer experience. It enables your organization to become data-driven and make informed insightful decisions.

A strong BI & Analytics strategy eliminates the guessing game for your business. You can be more informed, take proactive decisions, forecast future trends, reduce business risks, and drive growth and profitability. While the benefits of Big Data Analytics are well-known, 63% of employees report that they can’t gather the necessary insights to make informed decisions. Sage Titans helps you overcome this hurdle by enabling you to make better use of your enterprise data.

Choose the Right Data Analytics Partner

Big Data Analytics has emerged as a major competitive advantage for businesses. As the business landscape continues to become customer-centric, understanding your customers and anticipating their needs is the key to business growth and profitability. Working with the right Data Analytics partner can help you leverage BI and Analytics to gain that much-needed competitive edge.

Data Analytics Services

Level of Service

Data Analytics Companies can offer a wide range of services, such as predictive modeling, business insight development, Machine Learning (ML), automation,and more. Define the level of service you need and pick a provider accordingly.

Experienced Web analytics agency

Industry Expertise

Once you have shortlisted a few partners, evaluate them on the basis of their industry expertise, team structure, team’s skills & experience, & problem resolution process.

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Web Analytics Service Cost


Implementing BI & Analytics in your business process is a major investment. The cost of transition could be high, and hence, it’s crucial to determine your budget and the resources you’re willing to spend on Data Analytics.

Our Business Analytics Process

For most Companies , lack of data isn’t the problem. The real issue is the availability of too much information, which makes the decision-making process ineffective. Unstructured and semi-structured data make up 80% of all data collected by businesses. Here’s an overview of our Business Analytics process to resolve your data-related issues.

Set Analytics Goals

Set Goals

Define Your Questions and Set Clear Priorities

We start by helping you set clear goals and measurement priorities. Two major questions businesses need to ask are:

  • What data would you measure?
  • How would you measure it?

We help you answer these questions. Our expert data analysts work with your team to define a vision and set objectives.

Collect & Analyze Data

Collect & Analyze Data

Convert Raw Data into Actionable Insights

Once we’ve defined a vision, we assist you with collecting new data. We help you devise a file storing and naming process so that you can prevent team members from collecting the same information multiple times, thereby eliminating data duplication. This process also enhances collaboration and allows your team members to seamlessly share and access data.

Data analysts at Sage Titans keep your data organized with source notes and collection dates. After collecting data, we delve into deeper analysis and use data analysis tools to drive informed decision-making. This step is important because most Companies analyze only 12% of the data they have.

Data visualization experts

Interpret Results

Make Data-Driven Decisions

The final step in our Data Analytics process is to interpret the data collected and use it to make the right decisions. We make sure the data collected allows you to drive actionable conclusions, answers your original questions, and helps you overcome any objections. Lastly, we work closely with you to help you leverage the results to determine the best course of action.

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