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Learn how organizations in almost every industry find organic search marketing success with Sage Titans. Learn the SEO, Reputation Management best practices, and digital achievements of many large, SMEs and startup companies through these insightful SEO case studies.

CEO of a US-based Retail Company Suppresses Multiple Negative Links & Improves His Overall Reputation 60% to 0 Diminished CTR on negative assets from 60 % to 0 Clear 1 We eliminated all negative results on Google page onE The Challenge An extremely successful 50-year-old

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BUYR Improves SEO Performance with Website Audit & OFF PAGE SEO 450% increase in organic search sessions 248% Increase in products pages’ traffic The Buyr Challenge Buyr is a unique start-up in the ecommerce domain that is revolutionizing the way people shop online. They have

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Sola Wood Flowers Implements Successful OFF Page SEO Strategy 300% increase in organic search sessions 20 to 31 DA increase within 3 months The Sola Wood Flowers Challenge SolaWoodFlowers is an Ogden, Utah based company selling sola wood flowers. They are serving clients all around

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VisitorsGuru Accelerates Business with SEO 400% increase in lead conversion 10X Jump in keywords ranking The Business Challenges Travel industry was badly hit by the pandemic during 2020-2021 and so were the businesses related to it, for e.g., travel insurance business. When the travel restrictions

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