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The Business Challenges

Travel industry was badly hit by the pandemic during 2020-2021 and so were the businesses related to it, for e.g., travel insurance business. When the travel restrictions were lifted, and people started traveling again, VisitorsGuru wanted to not just resume its services but also take advantage of the market trends. However, Visitorsguru was facing following challenges on the digital side of the business.

The Sage Titans Solution

ON Page & Technical SEO:

Our SEO experts conducted keywords research and selected the keywords that were crucial for generate business leads. Then the website’s pages were optimized for the targeted keywords. XML sitemap was submitted to Google again after addressing the issues of website speed, meta tags, content duplication, and other ON-Page SEO related issues.


Content Planning:

Our marketing analyst team planned blog content topics based on audience searches. By publishing these content topics on the blog, we wanted to boost organic traffic from the blog. Along with this, a content plan for guest blogging was created, from which we had to link the targeted keywords and build backlinks. We secured backlinks from a variety of sources. Backlinks from respected websites included guest blogging, Q&A, and other content marketing sources.


Off Page SEO & Content Marketing:

Domain relevancy was the key factor when we created backlinks. Websites with high content quality, high domain authority, and low spam scores were considered for backlinking. The most crucial factor was that the guest posting domain has adequate monthly traffic from the target audience.


Leads Generation:

Website traffic was being generated from Google Ads as well as organic traffic on the VisitorsGuru website. However, after receiving the traffic, the leads count was still low. Our team created the lead generation framework and implemented it on the website pages with personalized messages. The customer journey-based messages began to yield results, and the website’s lead count increased by 400% in a brief period of time.


About VisitorsGuru

 Visitors Guru is a US based travel insurance company. They offer travel medical insurance to foreign workers, vacationers from other countries, international students, groups, and expats. They provide visitor insurance to both US and non-US citizens.

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