Local Analytics

The plethora of dispersion models and nearby factors open the requirement for strategic methodologies while marketing products or services in specific geology.

Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises embrace what the specialists say, "local analytics or local marketing strategy" on their website, stores, and social media channels. This approach can help you drive retrieval, growth, and retention despite colossal competition from marketplaces.

Identify the Worst Performing Stores

While the ratings improved overall, not all the stores received accolades. With Scatter graphs, under the Advanced Analytics functionality, identify stores that met customer expectations and those that fail to. By segregating non-performing stores, we can devise the custom ORM strategy that would help protect your firm's reputation.

Consistency in Tracking is key to success in ORM.

With the help of qualitative and quantitative data, we track your online reputation over time and analyze the impact of our strategies on it. We perform sentiment analysis and opining mining continuously through advanced analytics to enhance your or your business reputation.

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