Your clients are effectively looking & ready to purchase —
however, would you say you are making it simple for them to discover you?

Sage Titans clean, manage and optimize your location data in a unified way. We incorporate all that impacts your online presence and guarantee your organization subtleties are right, bringing higher rankings and visibility.

Inaccurate Data can be in any form: duplicate online entries, incorrect email address/postal code/description/latitude, etc.

We distinguish inaccurate, fragmented, or irrelevant data representing your company- present anywhere on the internet irrespective of the search engine or social Platform.

These are then revised, substituted or erased while guaranteeing that all such issues are dealt with in the future intuitively with the assistance of various data tools or methodologies in local search marketing. Location data gives your potential customers accurate and consistent location data that helps them make a sales decision and improves your brand image and keeps it consistent throughout the web.

Improve User Experience & Enhance Brand Presence by Cleansing Inaccurate Business Listings

Assuring local business listing precision is an obligation, as inaccurate data can forestall customers from conducting a Google search about your company or, more regrettable, going to a competitor. Consistently summarising or proclaiming your correct online presence across search engines and social media platforms guarantees precision and improves user experience.

Update Correct Data Across Every Platform

Once we have cleaned/replaced/refined your local data of inaccurate business listing, we are ready to merge your correct location data to:

  • Yahoo Local;
  • Bing Maps;
  • Google+ Local; and
  • Other top data collections (Localeze, Infogroup, and Acxiom)

Directing or offering clean, consistent local business data to the top data collection directories is core to driving quantifiable ROI when pitching/selling products or services in a hyperlocal market. Data aggregators offer companies the utmost power over their business listings and add search index approval while creating more backlinks and fulfilling profiles, and eventually expanding search rankings.

Sage Titans'
Data Cleansing Process

A growing number of enterprises dependent on location data have understood the significance of data cleansing and that the best way to accomplish the greatest operational productivity is to decrease the inaccuracy and deviations in data. Our data cleansing process involves:

  • Verifying data accuracy
  • Eliminating duplicate data
  • Removing irrelevant data
  • Add the missing data
  • Systematizing the whole process through every channel where your brand had an existence
Sage Titans
Data Cleansing Services

Data cleansing and editing assistance help substantiate the significance of information, raise company productivity, and increase return over investment. The data necessitates being listed, concocted, and interpreted as per the company purpose. .

While incorrect location data hinder marketing endeavours, precise, consistent, and updated data aids the customer to reach out to you through any channel and enhance their journey from search engine to product/service purchase and maintains your brand consistency and credibility.

Sage Titans help its clients with location data cleansing and producing a "near me" brand experience in today's multichannel world.