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Sage Titans AI and Analytics- Achieving more Effective Business Outcomes.

Accomplishing your business results, regardless of whether a short scale program or a sizable venture-wide initiative, requires ever-more insights comprising various data. Doing that in the present bewildering environment; when there is so much data, we need to join an elite mix of human behaviour with machines, robotisation with skill, and business analytics with data automation. Welcome to the Age of AI and Analytics, where Sage Titans decipher and blend the science behind it in your business through our top-notch services.

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Adopting Data Analytics with AI- Advantages

Embracing data analytics and AI into existing business processes (from the initial stage to the end) can be very important. With machine learning and AI, we can use this data to enhance proficiency by distinguishing models and possibilities, automating specific cycles, and prognosticating future plots. Three of the prominent marketing areas where Sage Titans use Analytics and tools to improve a company’s overall performance are Market Analytics, Untargeted Channels, and Real-Time Personalization.

  • Market analytics Consulting

    Market analytics

    Designed and developed to decipher and introduce complex market analysis in fathomable terms. We have a well-crafted model that provides us with valuable data, which further helps our data scientists to adopt a transformational approach.

  • Target Right Marketing Channel

    Untargeted channels

    We are intended to assist consumers or clients in a better way through intermediary channels such as Facebook’s chatbots, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. Although we can tailor these to a known, consenting individual on certain occasions, many are untargeted and scripted utilising a restricted jargon and fundamental choice guidelines that don’t need human-made consciousness.

  • Real-Time Personalisation

    Real-Time Personalisation

    Designed to mechanise choices about what content or asset or offers to present to a client dependent on every individual’s unique profile, behavioural journey, and other relevant circumstances; we make personalisation as your organisation’s upper hand by utilising client socioeconomics, past purchase information, and online media monitoring to offer or predict next product to purchase recommendations.

Sage Titans’ Artificial Intelligence- Impacting Businesses Worldwide

Sage Titans' artificial intelligence capacities have a solid foundation of driving technology and a team of different domain knowledge. We can help you unlock AI’s actual value to stimulate your techniques for keen automation, overall development, and client commitment. Our in-house devised AI models unite with a highly skilled team that improves your organisation’s engagement and general business processes.

  • We worked with hundreds of clients in more than 20 domains to create that incremental lift or value that can’t be achieved with traditional analytics.
  • Our global clientele shows that people trust our data interpretation, algorithms & strategies we drive from that data, market insights, & how we merge it into a company’s value and processes.
  • We adopt a multifaceted strategy to AI to tackle business challenges by persistently advancing and developing incredible solutions to rejuvenate AI.

Accurate Measurement of Your Company’s Digital Presence

Our sturdy method is upheld by our profound experience, platform aptitude, and analytics tools’ knowledge, delivering end-to-end analysis services. Whether checking an existing website, rendering tracking to a new website, or scrutinising existing information, our plan, assessment, and sustaining or support services are relevant for any website. When data efficacy and tracks have been set up, we’ll work conjunctly with you to formulate reports that surface penetrations and enable for thorough interpretation.

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Measuring your digital presence

Our Digital Analytics Services Include:

Funnel Analysis: We dissect the movement of impressions visitors take on your site, recognise obstructions, drifted-off periods and other concerns, and design explications to fix them for a greater conversion rate by applying robust digital analytics tools.

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