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Sage Titans helps local companies expand their search engines & voice search visibility to build brand awareness & manage data across multiple platforms from one dashboard/database.

Near Me Brand Experience Statistics


As per "Think with Google", 76 percent of Near Me searches result in a store visit within 24 hours, and in the same time frame, 28 percent out of 76 shops have any item or items from that store.


There has been an exponential rise in mobile searches for "store open near me" -more than 250 percent from the last two years.

Trends that Drive Near Me Brand Experience

Local Intent

There is a gradual rise in the searches with local intent. That’s shoppers seeking online nearby stores and the increase in segmentation.

Social Validation:

The customer journey is highly influenced by online reviews. Potential engages with your company’s review online (both positive or negative) that ultimately leads to a sale or no sale.

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