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Mugshot Removal Services: Remove online mugshots fast, and permanently restore your online reputation.

Your new boss or your new girlfriend or your new business partner discovered your mugshot online. Now what? This can be devastating and very stressful. And you might be thinking that it will go away on its own with time. The unpleasant truth is that it never will. At least not by itself. The longer a mugshot stays online without being removed or suppressed by a mugshot removal service the greater the harm it can cause. You can’t rely on just anyone to take down an internet mugshot. 

If you don’t take action to suppress or delete your mugshot(s) from the internet, they could remain there indefinitely. 

Your mugshot(s) may remain online even if your case is erased, dropped, or dismissed. The only option that eliminates, blocks, and stops mugshots from resurfacing online is a reliable mugshot removal service and Sage Titans is your go to company for this service.

Our experts have more than 10 years of experience in mugshot removal, and we provide a vast array of services to help people fight with the menace created by online mugshots.

Thorough Assessment of Search Engine Results – “FREE OF COST”

In order to finalize the mugshot removal procedure and how to clear up criminal records, our experts conduct a thorough reputation assessment. We search the internet for your booking records, mugshot images, and information regarding arrests from all websites. After conducting a removal analysis, we get in touch with you to go through the results and discuss the mugshot removal services we can provide. This whole process is very elaborative, and we do it for our clients for “Free”. We offer free mugshot removal/online data protection suggestions to our clients.

Complete Mugshot Removal Solutions

Once we have analyzed the search results and zeroed in on the mugshot(s) to be removed from the internet, our experts prepare a plan of action to remove these mugshots. We then execute our plan to delete mugshots effectively and swiftly.

Once your criminal records have been removed from all mugshot websites, we then submit link/content removal requests with search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.) to ensure that the mugshot image or arrest records get removed from the search results as well.

When removal isn’t possible, we BURY it in search results

Sometimes, mugshot removal isn’t possible due to many factors. And when that’s the case, we at Sage Titans provide effective solutions for suppressing search results, which help in burying the mugshot and displaying positive online assets to enhance your online reputation. Our tailor-made suppression techniques make the mugshot (image) and associated links undiscoverable by pushing them off the search results pages, ensuring that they remain unseen by anyone.

What is the Cost To Remove A Mugshot?

Mugshot removal service price is subjective to the number of mugshots appearing online and whether your charges have been dropped, dismissed, expunged, or you were found guilty. No matter the case, we offer you the best mugshot removal service and that too at the most affordable price.
Cost: $199 – $1999 USD
Mugshots Removed: 1-5

In case you have more than 5 mugshots appearing online, we offer a discounted price to remove them.

When looking for a job, a partner, or trying to get your life back on track, give yourself a chance to redeem yourself with our mugshot removal services. You will discover that the employment opportunities and other advantages provided by a clean online reputation outweigh the price you pay for it.

Pro-Tip: Suppressing Mugshots On The Internet For Free

You can do it yourself too. In order to suppress your mugshot(s) on the search engines, you need to take advantage of search engines’ algorithm which is more inclined towards the fresh content. You need to click a lot of pictures of yourself and post them on various social platforms such as:

Caption each picture with your name (exactly how it appears with your mugshot). Purpose here is to replace the old content (mugshot) with fresher, and relevant content i.e., your new pictures. Make sure you use alt tags (in case you are posting the images on a WordPress, or an owned website). 

It will not suppress mugshot overnight because search engines take their own sweet time to rank the new content on the search results. Continue doing this for a few months, once the new content will start ranking higher, it will eventually suppress the mugshot to much lower position in the search results where chances of someone stumbling upon it are pretty much negligible.

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“Extremely satisfied! Professional, responsive and efficient. Those will be the 3 words to describe my experience with SageTitans’ Team. I can only recommend their services. ”
Axel Menzikoff
“I am truly impressed with how you have managed to meet every goal set before you and your team. Keep up the good work team Sage Titans.”
Shikha Sachdeva

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