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To thrive & survive in the disruptive digital landscape, Companies must proactively create their digital marketing strategy that should be aligned with their enterprise objectives.

We at SageTitans, use analytics & automation , artificial intelligence and other process automation tools to lead and deliver the value in the digital economy.

We adopt a purpose-driven strategy that helps an organization to start its digital activities and assemble its abilities, cycles, and outlooks important to support a digital advantage. Utilizing our ``articulate, actuate, implant`` technique, we assist associations with uncovering their purpose and make an interpretation of that purpose into development. Our data-driven benchmarking, master guidance and market insights help to create an advanced marketing strategy on different channels which finally delivers a maximum value return.

1. Comprehend Your Company's Digital Ambition

We work with business pioneers to characterize their digital aspirations. By posing inquiries, for example, ``What does digital mean to them?`` What are their targeted regions, and How can this evolve?``, “What according to them should be the distribution of investments to achieve the desired digital strategic intent?”, we articulate the vision and the mission of our clients.

2. Digital Strategy Roadmap

We have worked with many organizations to build their digital strategies. The beginning stages differ every time. In some cases:
  • The attention was to get an extensive roadmap for an overall digital transformation.
  • In other cases, the mission was to characterize a vision to pursue the most important digital transformation.
  • And, in others- to build up a technique to adjust different digital activities across divisions and capacities.
To tackle each case, we create tailor-made digital strategy process:

3. Advanced Digital Maturity Assessment

Advanced Digital Maturity Assessment

Analysing your existing or future capability of digital maturity is the initial step in identifying the capacities expected to convey a digital system that can drive money for your business. SageTitans' digital strategy process can give you an important and shrewd comparator of your company's digital maturity and feature possible zones of progress and distinguishes qualities.

4. Outlining The Purpose

Outlining The Purpose

While numerous Companies have invested energy to characterize their central goal, vision and qualities, few can completely depict a motivating and noteworthy purpose statement. A company's purpose expresses the exceptional advantages and incentive it conveys to focused customers and partners. Purpose addresses what a company needs to be known for doing, and it adjusts and focuses the association on its most significant needs. Generally, it is an optimistic and rousing assertion of expectation that is important to adjusting an association and accomplishing a digital strategy.

5. Implement Outcomes

Implement Outcomes

We work with organizations to recognize, focus on, and actualize high-sway use cases. This allows customers to make value rapidly while exhibiting what advanced innovations and methods of working can accomplish for the business. The cycle involves three phases: invent (form proof of idea and approve the business case), hatch (dispatch a base feasible strategy and test and learn with lithe runs) and industrialize (maintain the innovation and business measure at scale). After an underlying rush of use cases, the cycle rehashes with the following wave.

6. Construct New Digital Strategic Muscles

Construct New Digital Strategic Muscles

An appropriately driven digital strategy calls for new capacities and social movements. We help the Companies to construct what we call digital strategy muscles to supplement its customary qualities—and to guarantee that new and old work together in a nimble and composed manner. New digital ability is important, however progressively scant. So similarly, as significant—and regularly belittled—is redeploying existing ability and skills to the activities that can capitalize on it. With both new and existing ability, we thoroughly consider what assets and capacities can be shared across units, divisions, or areas instead of that which should be committed to a solitary spot. Also, we build up a workforce that does not stick to fixed jobs, however, develops with the requirements and speed of arising digital activities. Setting up a ``digital`` environment in these ways is crucial for an effective digital strategy. Furthermore, due to the admirable hierarchical structure that comes from agile methods of working, organizations can accomplish unrivaled outcomes, quicker than a conventional organization.

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