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Sage Titans personalised digital marketing strategy plays an important part in changing the course of businesses across different industries, around the world. We believe that a logical methodology, with smart testing and close coordination among content and customer, is fundamental to increasing performance. We bring experience that traverses the expansiveness of approach, market developments, and SEO enhancements to handle our client's difficulties with implementable solutions.

The Pentadent Strategy (Five Steps Strategy ) Designed & Developed By Sage Titans:

  • Analyzing Clients and their businesses
  • Focus on the Right Methods and the Right KPIs
  • Delivering a Superior Experience
  • Power of Inbound & Outbound
  • Choosing/Opting for the Right Digital Marketing Technology/Strategy
Five Steps Marketing Strategy

1. Analyzing Your Customers

Customer Analysis

We realize that there is a huge fluctuation in customer sentiments and brands across the world. While making your digital marketing strategy, we determine your target audience and the value propositions.

2. Focus On The Right Methods And The Right KPIs

Right Marketing Strategies

Information related to your target audience holds us back from squandering energy on procedures that aren’t creating results. We create your brand’s key performance indicators (KPIs) by analyzing several factors. List of KPIs includes the core metrics of:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)
  • Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
  • Sales Accepted Leads (SALs)

Examining these metrics will assist us to figure out which digital marketing strategy will work for your business.

3. Picking/Opting For The Right Digital Marketing Technology/Strategy

right digital marketing strategy

Choosing the most suitable personalization-empowered digital marketing technology stack is vital to overall achievement. As the marketing process is itself agile in nature, we pick the marketing stack w.r.t optimization and improvement at every cycle. Distinctive use cases or circumstances may highlight various parts of the stack and subsequently lead to various selections of tools. Use cases additionally drive business needs with regards to the execution plan. For instance, a medical care provider hoping to pull in new clients through the publication of educational materials or assets across various channels and platforms.

4. Delivering A Superior Experience

delivering a superior customer experience

Digital Marketing has always solicited touch-points whenever customers are available to impact. A more sophisticated methodology is needed to assist customers with exploring the website, which is not so linear but extremely effective. We termed this methodology as the customer-centric or consumer decision journey. We designed this custom methodology according to geographical market, type of media popular in that particular region, and product choices.

We at Sage Titans do not follow the pre established or static rules w.r.t interaction of your website with customers. Instead, we embed personalization in the customer journey that highlights what an individual customer wants or needs. This personalization approach depicts in the tone of content while marketing your services or products or any offerings & discounts. We collect and analyze enormous data from every channel to understand the psychology of your customers (where, how, and when they consume your services or products).

5. Power Of Inbound & Outbound

Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Inbound- We create content assets (blogs, landing pages, etc) that draw in target users, capture the contact information of them (which we needed for email campaigns) and also attract qualified leads. Our inbound marketing strategy is an amalgamation of each of these marketing tactics to deliver a high-value proposition.

We take care of all elements of effective inbound marketing- SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media, and landing pages.

Outbound: We circulate or publicize content on different platforms- depending upon the size of your target audience. Mass-media such as television, magazine (both print and digital), influencers, 3rd party websites, and all other forms of affiliate advertising- we use each of them to establish a sense of personal engagement.

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