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Our digital transformation experts team implements proven methods to create and execute made-to-measure plans that improve customer experience, boost traffic, increase conversion, and unlock more digital growth mediums for your business.

We analyse each digital code and touchpoint as we dissect your information (in the form of structured & unstructured data) and unbar cutting-edge insights that can be utilised during the consumer excursion to stimulate more substantial outcomes for your business.

Next, we consolidate an ideal blend of digital marketing tactics and strategies— including SEO, SEM, SMO, ORM, SMM, PPC, Web Analytics, email marketing, content marketing and more — to acquire new and unique visitors to your website and convert them to consumers.

Marketing and Digital Commerce:

We adopt a comprehensive marketing and digital commerce strategy and create practical approaches that address your growth aspirations or goals. Skills include marketing evaluations, digital commerce estimates, resources planning, and roadmap formulation. As digital analytics specialists, administrators and operation directors, we know the most advanced and most remarkable tools and technologies.

We classify, draft, execute and run thriving digital transformation processes and business campaigns and assist you to hierarchise the specialities and capabilities to adhere to your imperative aims. Our company will guarantee that each perspective of your event, marketing, and campaigns is regulated to propel your company ahead. Our marketing evaluation will assess your actions to entice and convert customers across all channels and create a custom roadmap according to your business goals.

Digital Analytics & Insights :

Digital Analytics Company

We connect comprehensive analytics expertise, profound commerce platform acquaintance, and proven methods to classify drifts and transform raw data into perspicacity. We use data to trace your customers on their journey from visiting the websites to purchase and recognise competencies and impediments in their way.

Our team discovers the roots of traffic, strives to know these essential visits’ purpose and direction, and compares calculated visitor performances with your most relevant marketing goals. Our craft will recognise resistance details and the marketing factors that inspire achievement – and present actionable suggestions on enhancing the contemporary situation.

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Integrated Marketing Management:

Integrated Marketing Experts

Magnifying marketing adequacy is necessary for any company to improve their spending while attaining ideal outcomes over the brief and prolonged-term. Yet, various businesses are defined with different marketing methods that slow down profitability, cooperation and adequacy. Extreme time consumed governing projects indicates more delayed time-to-market and a greater risk of dissipating customers’ loyalty.

CRM Integration and Marketing Automation

CRM Integration and Marketing Automation

Data activation and personalised marketing consent is not simply conceivable but is frequently anticipated by today's customers. It is presently the code to remodelling manageable customer purchases into lasting relations.

We help businesses connect and streamline data, direct segmentation, standardise workflow, and enhance customer relationships. We follow automated decision making, adaptive modelling, and agile data adoption to ascend personalised synergies- with the help of Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp etc.

To effectively activate your data, we designed and developed the following four steps:

1. Data framework: Creating a profound aspect of customer
2. Analysing: Mine the data to operate on the beacons
3. Mapping: Drafting the peculiar offers, information, and experiences
4. Delivering: Personalised experiences across all platforms

Mobile App & Website Structure Planning

mobile app website consulting services

A website or mobile apps' digital structure manages a company's progressive maturation in producing digital solutions that enable experiences, integrations, and penetrations.

At Sage Titans, we consult you with choosing the best method by considering factors such as industry, customers, what you want in an MVP, your budget, competition, and last but not least, your viewpoint on digital transformation. Grassroots reform aims must approve approach, structure, and devising Successful website or mobile apps needs a thorough procedure that combines both outside-in and inside-out panoramas of the industry, customers, technologies and data.

Microservice Architecture Consultation

Microservice Architecture Consultation

Our specialists can swiftly recognise, prognosticate, and serve our clients' present and future requirements. Our regime of experts is available at your end with flexible meetings or commitments. Our assistance related to Microservices include:

FRD: A periodical analysis and benchmarking of the (refined) operative specifications with the company demands assure the project's overall victory. We use our industry's experience- precisely specifying business specifications from functional terms. The initial point of any business evaluation is to learn the business requirements (what and why) and convert them into applicable requirements (how). We implemented the design abstraction method and brought out an ethnographic study to evaluate the entrepreneurs' digital predisposition and recognise the gaps in the existing customer's journey.

SRS: We build a complete erudition/representation of a product/system to generate functional and non-functional elements. It may involve the application examples of how a user will associate with the product or software. SRS aids to lessen the time and energy to develop software. We are required to continuously interact with clients to collect all relevant data and information.

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Digital Marketing

Our experts are proficient marketers who know that “customer experience is very important” and will utilise their abilities and experiences to help your business and brand reputation. Utilising profound business expertise, we assist you to improve the website’s significance and authorisation and stimulate digital growth.

Every campaign is tailored to meet the individual requirements and goals of our clients. Our extensive services incorporate:

Omni-Channel Experience:

Omnichannel Strategy Consulting

Customers at this point don't feel loyal to an individual channel but an experience across channels. To encourage excellence in this new purchasing context, designing a marketing and technology structure that concentrates on your consumers is essential.

Our omnichannel customer experience services can help you develop solid customer relationships with profound integrity by interacting with customers in the best channels at the correct times. The purpose is to help you design a holistic aspect of your customers by merging your digital channels into a centralised customer view, including a history of the customer's demands and actions.

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