CEO of a US-based Retail Company Suppresses Multiple Negative Links & Improves His Overall Reputation

CEO Reputation Management


An extremely successful 50-year-old CEO managing one of the biggest US retail companies, multiplying sales consistently had faced many reputation threats.

An almost decade-old picture from vacation was showing up online where the CEO hadn't been in a respectable position(allegedly).

Positions 1, 2 and 7, 8 on Google page one were all embarrassed or awkward at the origin, with 20 unfavourable or antagonistic listings overall within the first seven pages of Google search results printed by notable media companies.

The CEO, whose name was being searched more than 5,000 times monthly in Google, believed the search landscape distorted his character, given that the objectionable assets were created based on allegations by a person that later exposed to imprecisions in his case.

The CEO asked our expertise in obtaining a more authentic anecdote and more equitable description of the CEO's reputation in the Google SERPs.

What we did

The method of executing the online campaign comprised four steps:

Stage 1: Auditing

We heard the client's company purposes and goals. This was necessary to accomplish the most salutary outcomes feasible for the client and determine additional activities. It was also essential to know the problem considering the resources accessible. To do this, we conducted a comprehensive study of the following:

  • The negative picture and allegation
  • The client's main website (if any)
  • The client's company websites
  • The client's social profiles
We also reviewed additional possible reputation management concerns, including:
  • Other negative assets
  • Other negative keywords or phrases
  • Negative viewpoints on social media
  • Google autosuggest results that send a cynical brand viewpoint
  • Google website links that display the company in bad condition (due to client)
  • Brand Reputation strategist

    Stage 2: Strategy creation

    We recognised websites that were required to place higher for key phrases in Google's results pages. These incorporated:

    • Positive and impartial coverage without judgments
    • Positive and impartial coverage with judgments
    • Contemporary social channels
    • Possible new social channels
  • Improve Online Reputation

    Stage 3: Implementation

    As an element of a bespoke and custom-made strategy, the Sage Titans team applied the following methods to assure that the client's aims were accomplished conveniently and effectively:

    • Efficient cross-linking of the client's social & web assets
    • Essential SEO effort on extra web assets wherever needed
    • Elimination of links & replies to bad assets from all possible channels
    • Link building from third-party websites
    • Formulation and summation of high-quality content to critical assets to allow them to rank for specific phrases
    • Linking from the client's leading website and other assets to unbiased &positive assets in preference order
  • Suppress Negative Links

    Stage 4: The results

    • We eliminated all negative results on Google page one.
    • Diminished CTR on negative assets from 60 % to 0.
    • We overturned Google's first seven pages of results for CEO's searches from negative listings to zero.
    • We worked with Wikipedia to address mistakes & incorporate essential data that was at first discarded.