Google’s New Update For Google Discover

Author: sageadmin Date: February 28, 2023
Google's New Update for Google Discover

Google’s New Update For Google Discover

Google Discover recently announced a new update integrated with Google Helpful Content Update, which Google has claimed will affect Google Discover and its search results effective soon. This seems to be a massive turn of events for businesses that operate or rely on Google Discover to make a living. In this article, you will be disclosed everything that there is to know about this update and how it will affect your business. In the end, you will be given some tips using which you can use the update for your benefit. Let’s get into it and learn everything in a simplified manner.


What Is Google Discover?

It is a feature of Google, you all have been consuming for a while now. This is like a feed section that you see as and when you open the home tab of google chrome and are yet, to begin with, your search. The purpose of Google Discover is to provide you with information throughout the day without the need for input from your side. It shows you news, blogs, and everything from business to entertainment and everything in between.

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What Is Google Helpful Content Update?

Google Helpful Content Update is a very vital part of Google and SEO now in the modern Google era. This update from google has had a major impact on the market so far but the question is – What exactly is Google Helpful Content Update? Well, Google Helpful Content Update is a new algorithm update that is designed and created specifically in a way that awards a site with better reach and position on SERP based on the quality of content written on the site for people. High-quality content on the site will be rewarded better.


What Is The Update About?

Now that we are familiar with what both terms mean, the next step is to know what the update is about. So according to Google Helpful Content Update launched in August 2022, Google search results were impacted by the new algorithm update where the metrics and signals discussed above are, to date, used to determine the ranking of a website on the SERP (search results page). 

Now, according to the recent statements from google on February 23, 2023, the same signals will be used by Google Discover to determine the ranking of each blog, article, and content that is hosted by it. 


How Will It Affect Me?

Till now, all of us are clear about the update and what it does but what businesses are failing to understand is that this update can have a major impact on any business that relies on Google Discover. While earlier the search results of Google Discover were impacted by the E-A-T guidelines, now Google Helpful Content Update will govern the Google Discover territory and promote only people-first-content (meaning the type of content that is found helpful by the searchers). 


What To Do?

After understanding how the update will affect any business on Google Discover, the time is now to understand what one can do to get some benefit out of it. Now that the people-first content will be promoted by Google Discover, it is obvious that higher-quality content will find a better place on it than one that complies tremendously with E-A-T. In this case, it is highly recommended that businesses focus on creating quality content and blogs that give immense value to the searchers. 

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