Managing Brand Reputation Through Online Reviews

Author: Amit Sharma Date: January 11, 2022

Managing Brand Reputation Through Online Reviews

It would be best to comprehend that clients not exclusively can cast a ballot with their wallets or feet yet, in addition, can impact what others purchase and sketch the online conception of your business.


Purchasers are progressively directing when, where, and how they engage with your brands. They have become both creators and destroyers in the form of online reviews, demanding an omnichannel experience without any laid-back attitude.


Customer-experience metrics have been procreated over the previous decade, especially when it comes to reviews, business listing, star ratings, etc.- all these integrated to form a brand reputation.


The odds are that your business depends intensely on at least one of them. In any case, many organizations battle with these metrics.


As far as some might be concerned, the issue is a distinction between the metric and business execution; for other people, it’s a deficiency of certainty among frontline workers when the metric is too pessimistic.


Entangling the issue, many businesses battle with gathering, analysing, and following up on customer feedback of any form.


In this blog, we will discuss the most basic metric in today’s digital world- online review; and its importance, management, affect, etc.


What is Online Reputation Management?

We characterise reputation as the result of how your customers & partners think and feel about your association. It is earned from excellent execution and sensible conduct.


Twenty years prior, investors discussed the altruism benefit of perpetual organizations. Today, that thought lives on in the value of reputation.


What’s occurring is the increasing number of business owners want to develop & grow their reputation to achieve business sustainability.


These entrepreneurs are either running-

    • a brick-and-mortar store
    • a small size digital agency
    • a mid-size product or services based agency
    • a Fortune 500 company


Despite their company size, every business person wants to step up and raise the reputation of their business to the possible extent.


Role of Online Reviews in Reputation Management

Online Reviews Management involves monitoring and gathering the reviews left with regards to your business on review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and industry-specific sites.


Review Management also consists of responding to reviews, identifying and eliminating fake reviews (which we will discuss later in this blog), and fixing customer service problems.


All organizations with an online presence should have a review management strategy as a feature of their general reputation management strategy.


Industries most impacted by Online Reviews.

As indicated by many surveys, the number of omnichannel buyers is expected to skyrocket in 2022-23. Online reviews would play an essential role in this. Following are some of the industries that are most impacted by online reviews.



Eateries engage consumers relentlessly. Restaurants require individual attention and an involved administration to keep up with the best food quality and top-notch consumer assistance.


Yet, eatery restaurants should acknowledge that it’s almost challenging to forestall negative criticism — you can manage it.


On account of the number of individuals you serve, getting an awful review is just about as simple as getting a good review.


Be that as it may, the correct reputation management strategy can downplay your negative feedback and feature your positive eatery reviews.


Research shows that a 1-star addition in Yelp rating prompts an increment in your restaurant’s income by up to nine percent.


Generally, potential people would look to reviews to make up their psyches concerning whether or not an eatery has excellent food and administration or not.


Yet, progress in innovation and limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic constrained eateries to dominate in another space – food delivery services.


Also, this has turned into another outlook customers think about while picking a dining area.


You can dazzle individuals and families, catch a more extensive market and further enhance your eatery reviews by opting for restaurant reputation management.



For both in-store buys and your eCommerce site, you want to win your consumer’s trust and ensure they have an infallible perspective on deciding to purchase your items/products.


Retail product reviews give a fair viewpoint that your consumers appreciate. Indeed, they could spend up to 31 percent more when you see positive reviews.


In any case, with the eCommerce space being profoundly open to anybody, tricksters and unscrupulous dealers have attacked the web-based commercial centre/marketplace.


A review by Spiegel Research Centre observed that reviews influence buy probability for more expensive things.


At the point when individuals consider spending a sizable sum, the choice is made with more opinions.


With reviews, the chances of purchasing cheaper products increase by 190 percent while the same goes up to 380 percent for expensive products.


This clearly defined the need for a reputation management strategy in the case of retail business.


Plastic Surgeons:

Committing to going through plastic surgery is a foremost choice due to the conspicuous dangers implied.


A few cosmetic techniques are irreversible, and no assurance that a strategy is 100% effective. Your potential patients can’t try out the process, so finding out about plastic surgery reviews can give them the most dependable experiences to deal with their assumptions.


Plastic surgery is taboo for certain individuals, and they would lean toward secrecy in settling on this choice.


As opposed to appearing in numerous centres to ask, online plastic surgery reviews are best for the individuals who need to stay under the radar.


Showing accumulated reviews about your training and genuine work can become a crucial marketing device.


Lawyers/ Attorneys:

A large portion of your potential clients definitely looks into your online image before giving you their case.


While your site may include your greatest successes and high-profile clients, attorney reviews give your services the most direct and contemporary criticism.


Since legitimate issues can be exceptionally delicate, online reviews make for a simple, confidential way for possible clients to investigate their choices.


Nobody can anticipate the result of your client adherence in and outside of the court in your legitimate practice.


Along these lines, your client connections are generally secured on trust. Your past or existing clients’ attorney reviews give your potential clients the most genuine declarations on what it might want to be addressed by your firm.


It’s critical to realise that 70% of prospective clients would make a trip further to see a lawyer with better reviews. Not at all like numerous businesses, proximity is certainly not a top thought.



For the most part, Travellers need to find out about a hotel before choosing to commit and book an excursion.


Your potential hotel guests need to find out about your past visitor encounters to check whether you’re the right fit to be their usual hangout spot.


Take it from TripAdvisor’s studies: 85% of its users concur that the hotel reviews they read echo their experience precisely, and 52% could never book a hotel that does not have any review.


During the COVID and its new variant Omicron, hotels expected to adjust to severe wellbeing conventions, and it immediately turned into a norm of administration.


Travellers need confirmation that wellbeing measures are set up and that they will be protected in your hotel. Your hotel reviews can establish precisely this if you utilise an aggressive hotel reputation management strategy or not.



While looking for a nearby dental specialist on Google, the one with the best dentist reviews is the top option for 43.3 percent of individuals.


The following most elevated contemplations are the vicinity of the centre and its positioning on query results. Positive dental reviews are essential to procuring the trust of more patients.


As innovation keeps on propelling, your possible patients’ prerequisites and inclinations develop.


An arising pattern in the dental business is in-house 3D printing that paces up dental product creation; another is the developing interest for biological and compound free oral hygiene products.


Dental reviews are what separates you from others. Dentist reputation management enhances your dental reviews, pushes you more visible locally and allows you to complete your new patient objectives.


Auto Mechanic:

Consumers would typically really like to utilise the services of an auto mechanics shop nearby. Particularly for individuals with only one vehicle, venturing to every part of the briefest conceivable distance is the most advantageous.


As an auto mechanic, you ought to put resources into local search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so your potential consumers can find you rapidly and without any problem.


You become more visible locally and draw in more consumers through reviews. A recent report observed that 67.1 percent of consumers accept auto shop reviews as the most compelling in choosing the one.


You want to ensure your auto shop reviews dazzle and emphatically impact your potential consumers since you will undoubtedly keep them long haul.



Tracking down a physician or a doctor in the past was restricted to individual references, yet these days many people are bound to trust online clinical reviews.


Indeed, 76% of individuals trust online physician reviews as much as suggestions from loved ones.


One of the many reasons you really want thorough healthcare reputation management services.


A 2020 overview directed by Software Advice observed that 90% of patients utilise online reviews to assess doctors.


Google and Healthgrades are a part of the top sites for online physician reviews.


It has been observed that negative reviews can result in a 25 percent drop in patient calls or visits. This is the main reason you need proper healthcare review management.


Other businesses or industries that need review management are Amusement parks, Cruises, Casinos, etc.



Online Reviews are considered Important Than Local Search Due to the Following Reasons.

More than 8 out of 10 buyers presently trust online reviews as much as private suggestions- which implies that as purchasers, we as a whole are moulded to search out reviews prior to buying from some other businesses.


Reviews are ubiquitous:

This consumer’s trust has prompted new review websites to spring up constantly, powering the accessibility of online reviews and giving buyers much more sources for their viewpoints and experiences.


Reviews as a layout have likewise risen in noticeable reputation, and you’ll presently see star ratings showing up close by search results, in Google Local results and even close by AdWords paid search ads.


Online reviews are likewise invading social media, and with Facebook now the second most favoured reviews and recommendations platform on the planet, you don’t need to be proactive about requesting reviews for customers to impart their organisation’s insights.


As a company (either large or small), you can’t stow away from reviews -they will be shown with regards to your business on the web and with such a lot of buyer confidence set in the experiences of the individuals.


Reviews can Enhance Click-Through Rate:

Purchasers put their confidence in online reviews-87% of customers searches for 3-5 star reviews before buying or using services from a local business.


Assuming you’re not consistently accomplishing an average 3-5 star rating or aren’t effectively requesting reviews, odds are good that those potential consumers will look elsewhere.


Once you are listed in the Google Local 3-Pack, your positive reviews can also assist with the click-through rate.


Reviews act as valuable social proof:

Social media is a critical element of the customer buying journey. With so many business pages indexing exceptionally in Google for the business name, it’s simple for a customer to go to a business’ Facebook page to discover more data.


Similarly, as on Google search engines and review platforms, Facebook reviews and recommendations go about as social proof of the nature of your business.


Use Reviews as Trust Signals on your Website:

Your business’ reputation is your number 1 conversion tool. Like never before, potential customers go online to check out reviews so they can settle on decisions concerning which local businesses to support, which products to buy or which service to utilise.


With more than 8 out of 10 buyers believing in the online reviews, however much an individual recommendation, showing carefully selected 5-star reviews on your site radiates a solid trust signal and approves their choice to work with you.


Moreover, a developing number of purchasers read more than 11 reviews before they believe they can trust a business—so the simpler the admittance to reviews you can give on your possessed media channels, the higher the probability of conversions.


Consumers Make Instant Decisions Based On Your Reviews:

Think about the last time you purchased a new thing or evaluated another café. What was the primary thing you did? Assuming you’re similar to most individuals, you presumably found it on the web, did some study, and read through online reviews sites.


Great reviews, in all likelihood, persuaded you that it merited a shot. Awful client reviews most likely made you think, “Don’t bother, I’ll take a stab at something different.” And it presumably took you under a couple of moments to come to that choice.


Presently think about every one of the consumers that examine your business. What’s the impression they’ll get? Is it great? Or, on the other hand, would you say you are conceivably dismissing handfuls, hundreds, or even a considerable number of paying consumers?


Reputation Management Plan – Sage Titans

Sage Titans’ reputation management plan is always a customised one for every different business needs. We at Sage Titans understand that reputation management is a continuous cycle, and we architect every step accordingly.


Research and Audit:

The initial step to reputation management is research. During this stage, we will use the web to find dialogues/ conversations/what people are saying about your business or brand or even about you.


Strive to search out all sorts of discussions, as all input is helpful in getting discernments and further developing your reputation.


We conduct this exercise through customer reviews available on various review listing websites, on social media, or by simply putting your name on Google and seeing what results come up.


Establishing a Robust Reputation Management Strategy:

In the research phase, we come to know the whole perception of your brand and what areas we need to focus on.


Therefore, we design a customized reputation management strategy that addresses the following:


  • Constantly monitoring online conversations about your business and you and, of course, a team to respond to them in a fair and legit manner.
  • We decide on which comments, mentions, or reviews need a response. Specific individuals’ merely aim is to savage as opposed to talking about genuine experiences. These remarks and discussions are phoney, made intentionally to lessen your reputation.


What are phoney/fake reviews?

As online reviews have become so important, so has the expansion of fake or phoney reviews. With their ability to make or break an organisation and its online reputation, it should not astound anyone that a few corrupt organizations pay for fake reviews to be posted regarding rival firms.


A few customers may likewise volunteer to leave fake reviews, either to harm or advance a business unreasonably.


Our Team at Sage Titans is experienced and equipped to spot fake reviews and remove them from the relevant websites. On a regular basis, we deal with such unethical practises and respond to them in a very aggressive way.


Reputation Management is in the DNA of Sage Titans

We comprehend what builds or breaks a reputation. Using this wisdom, we can create/sustain/develop your online reputation over the long term.


Reputation measurement:

We assist you with getting measure, track and worth your association’s reputation and give perspicuity for the better management.


Safeguard your reputation:

We work with you to comprehend your organisation’s internal and external reputation risk and suggest how you can be more substantial to reputation risks.


Reputation leadership:

We equip your team with the aptitudes they need to be confident managers/directors who uplift and encourage partners or investors and excel in demanding circumstances to maximise possibilities and significance.


Reputation management guidance:

We offer consultants and help determine complicated reputational matters – such as inadequate execution, political objection or behavioural arguments.


Our squad of consultants brings comprehensive corporate communication knowledge, questioning threats and concerns, and working with your crews to build and defend reputational value.


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