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Online Reputation Management: What It Is & Why You Need It [2024 Guide]

Author: Amit Sharma Date: August 26, 2021

Online Reputation Management: What It Is & Why You Need It [2024 Guide]

Online Reputation Management being the need of the hour, it is essential for your business to get on with the newest marketing trend to keep up in the competition. The below read would bring you some important information and a guideline to Online Reputation Management.


You have some valuable information on the below points:

  • Understanding Online Reputation Management.
  • Does ORM work similarly like PR? Understand the difference.
  • Why Do You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation?
  • What must be the steps one must be keeping in mind for ORM?
  • How do you suppress negative reviews?
  • Top sites for where customers post negative reviews.
  • What do agencies have to offer you when it comes to ORM?

Understanding Online Reputation Management:

Online reputation management (ORM) is a method to control or work on how your brand is being depicted online. Be it over a search engine, website, content page or social media, your brand necessarily has to hold a good reputation online. ORM prominently works into responding to the negative feedback made by your client. How they react to your posts on social media also is a concern. Customers’ unhappy reactions end up putting you in a dull limelight. During such cases you may end up replying to the negative content or reaction in a response.


Some of the very famous businesses that turned into brands with brilliant work in ORM are:

  • ICICI Bank
  • Aircel
  • Snapdeal
  • HDFC Bank
  • Air BNB
  • Nike
  • Jet Blue


Here are some interesting statistics about ORM which would help you make fair decisions whether you require ORM for your business or not.

  • 50 reviews lead to an increase of 266% of click through rates.
  • Approximately 54% of the customers/consumers have firm opinions on whether they wish to see a change in the way of engagement.
  • Around 25% of a company’s market value is dependent on the reputation you build online.
  • A total of 80% of customers use information from the search engines to rely on your local business.
  • About 80% of people make decisions on your online reputation by opting for the “near me” option.


Does ORM work similarly like PR? Understand the difference:

Public relations and online reputation management take you to a similar destination, i.e., to portray your company or brand in a best positive way. The method and platform, however, differ.


Public relations, most of the time, does not involve digitized marketing. It is more of a conventional marketing that is performed in various conventional methods in order to prevent actions that would hamper the brand.


Online reputation management is more of an interactive method of nourishing the brand. It calls for promotional campaigns that help lessen the negative comments or feedback. Any content on the web that brings the brand down is potentially managed through ORM.


Online Reputation Management, for smoother functioning and, can be handled by the brand itself.


Why Do You Need to Manage Your Online Reputation?

While your brand grows via online platforms, it can, many times, have a downfall due to unfavorable comments and star ratings that are below par. The reactions or negative feedback have an immediate impact on how your brand performs or ranks online.


While you begin to focus on Online Reputation Management, you make sure these reactions or feedback, collectively, do not hamper your business. In any and every business, it is important to show the real picture.


Unlike public relations, customers look out for more real, raw and organic interactions with the brands. Real people, real interactions and real comments make a positive impact. It is always beneficial with online reputation management to handle or react to negative comments publicly to enhance the authenticity of a brand.

Benefits of Online Reputation Management in different streams:

Online reputation management can be used with different kinds of businesses like schools, hospitals, companies, real estate and almost every kind of business that involves buying out of necessity or luxury. Below are some of the top advantages of Online reputation management.

You are always visible:

With Online Reputation Management, you stay in the visible area organically. This helps you generate positive reviews and postings on numerous online handles. Make your online visibility interesting and get more customers.

You are marketing just the right way:

The right strategy to Online Reputation Management has the capacity to get you more clients for your business or brand. While the public searches for your services, your strategic visibility will leave an imprint and make them choose you over your competitors.

ORM not only makes you visible but makes you visible in the right way!


Almost everyone can afford ORM:

Online Reputation Management is affordable for any and every business. The costs involved do not burden you, and you can reap the benefits. Even when you decide to spend an amount, it would always be ethical.


With ORM, negative interactions also leave a positive impact.


Your visibility and credibility decline with negative reactions or feedback. Your ranking depends on the customer reviews. In reality, these feedbacks or online interactions or reactions are one of the strong reasons for the decline in ranking. It is essential for one to work upon the negative feedback in a way to make them positive.


Leaving a reply with the right zing always works and helps your customers understand your originality. Creating positive links to push the negative content down on the search engine also work wonders.


Building trust in your brand:

Following Online Reputation Management and applying it to your business is an act of making a difference both to the business and the customers. Consistent positive content about your brand increases visibility of your brand. It provides a real time review that helps customers take better decisions. Informative content of your online platforms enhances your visibility, supports people and invests in your business.


Online Reputation Management being real aids clients rely on your brand. This, in turn, becomes a plus for your business.


What must be the steps one must be keeping in mind for ORM?

Here are 5 major steps you need to include and follow:

  • Strong Research.
  • Strategy that suits the type of business.
  • Content that is informative and interesting.
  • Development ideas
  • Promotion of the brand/business

Strong Research:

With marketing digitally, every post or campaign requires thorough research before being published. The name and services of your company need to be matched with or put up with the phrases, titles or words the customers are looking for, in a way that describes you.



You need to have a beneficial strategy when it comes to planning strategy for your online reputation. Following are the essentials.

  • If present on social media, take care of your quality of presence.
  • Work consistently to improve ratings.
  • You need to be exposed with your positives.
  • Being visible on the most used and authentic search engines.
  • Frequent monitoring of your content and replacing it time to time.
  • Your feedback needs to talk a lot more than you do via promotions.
  • Watch your blogs/articles and their quality.
  • Control and place your content wisely.


Content Quality:

They say content is the king when it comes to ORM. Curate your content carefully. Your content can either take you ahead or lag you behind. Content control is also one of the major requirements, be it on yours or the one that comes from your customers.


Development ideas:

Plan as to where you wish to see yourself. Be it sites or social media handles.


Promotion of the brand/business:

What is a brand without promotion? Along with the right content requires promotion in order to create effective visibility.


How do you suppress negative reviews?

Negative reviews, unfavorable content, unnecessary remarks, if exist beyond a certain limit hamper your visibility. The negative content, if not taken care of, often pops up when one puts in your name. While the rage inside you wants you to remove the link forever, this would be an impossible task in reality.


While you still decide to pull off the links, consider if the content is under your control or not! Controlling your content or sources is much easier than the one belongs to others.


Developing contact with the generator of the content may help. In case of any harmful content on your article, you can always go ahead, find out the real generator and ask them to take off the content. Posting content via feedback or comments for any brand or business on Google is unethical. Surf for googles violation policies and check for irrelevant photos, false commitments or any other kind of negatively impactful content, one may immediately report to google.


However, in some cases where things may require help, you may require to invest considerable funds.


What do you do when there are Negative reviews? Be proactive or reactive?

A negative review that ranks on the top in your review list leaves you puzzled as to whether how it would impact the business.

During this scenario, it becomes important for one to personalize the response. This makes the reviewer feel involved and acknowledged. Thank him for he made time to share his opinions.


Show sympathy for he did not have a good experience. Remember not to try to get into a state of authority but place yourself below your customer.


Make it a point to agree to the customer and try to precisely explain the reason behind the experience he had. At the same time make it a point to show acceptance and not cover up the hazards.


Keep in mind that consistency is the key. Keep monitoring your reputation online.


Only gathering reviews from your happy customers may not serve the purpose. Consistency is the key to it.

  • Flow of reviews must be consistent.
  • Make sure you reply each and every review with a conversational tone.
  • Keep monitoring the trend of reviews and work towards it.
  • When clueless, go ahead to perform an online reputation audit. This will help you know where you stand and what are the steps to be taken.


What after consistency? How does one handle it when customers get engaged with your online presence?

  • Don’t panic when you receive a negative review. Rather make it a point to address it as fast as you can. Keep it personalized and must relate solely to the person who pasted a review and not a generic one.
  • While communication is important, communication with the right people does a lot of work. Monitor and come up with the platform where you have maximum engagements. Prioritize this and grow on the same platform.
  • Keep up with the advancements in the industry. Try to implement every new change and addition of new technologies.
  • Make a structural stepwise action plan well in advance so that the protocol is followed and none of the times this is missed.
  • Get comfortable with the monitoring tools meant for branding. This will help you stay set in the right direction and their advanced features would help you stay competitive.


Top sites for where customers post negative reviews:

There are some review sites which help people discover the right and wrong about any brand of business. These are the top sites where in each review is moderated and once put in, is difficult to be removed.

    • Foursquare
    • Angies List
    • Manta
    • Facebook or any social media handles
    • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
    • Trip Advisor
    • Google My Business
    • MouthShut
    • Glassdoor
    • <li

Flipkart for e-commerce

  • Amazon for e-commerce


What do agencies have to offer you when it comes to ORM?


SEO, which is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, is characterized by the techniques and procedures of businesses to help list their substance (site pages, recordings, posts, and so forth) over that of contending content for a significant search question. At the point when advertisers talk about SEO systems, it concerns Google’s search engine. Search engine optimization doesn’t allude just to Google. It includes enhancing for a few distinct kinds of search engines.


SEO assumes a critical part in online business sites just as other interactive destinations. With an ordinary update of substance on site, SEO assists with getting more traffic.


In view of the particular catch phrases SEO can create great traffic and eventually influence the income for internet business websites. You can see numerous internet business destinations which are getting accomplished with SEO to get more traffic. The trading of connection and created catalog can upgrade the traffic towards the site.


Optimizing the site in the right manner is more significant. There are many Search Engine Optimizers which are utilizing easy routes to improve results and at the end of the day are slower with outputs.


Building Domain Authority Websites:

There is an assortment of ways to deal with evaluating the nature of a website. One of the higher contrast strategies is Domain Authority (DA). When you know the DA of your site, you can utilize it severally, including to build the nature of your SEO.


The most ideal path is to get higher scoring organizations to connect to yours. Keep in mind, getting greater quality outer connections discloses to Google that you ought to be positioned higher on SERPS. At the point when a site produces conversation and is shared around social media, it will in general procure backlinks from different locales, as it becomes an “authority” on a theme as indicated by Google.


There are various strategies to procure more backlinks and assemble a sound backlink profile. For the sites to host data worth being engaged, we provide you the best quality of content for all types of uses, be it online or offline.


Keywords targeting:

Finding the right kind of keywords and targeting them is a tedious task to be done with devotion. Experts with their experience and dedication route the most accurate keywords and make help you rank.


Optimizing the positive content:

Google’s algorithm persistently serves the web looking for new content to fulfill searchers’ necessities. The web crawler at that point files and coordinates content around substances and themes. The more content Google finds around a particular point, the more probable it is to consider that to be as significant. In this manner Google will keep on serving that content — if you like it.


Your best line of guard is to deliver profoundly focused on, optimized content to move the story in support of yourself. Notwithstanding, it’s not as simple as it might appear. In the event that you settle on some unacceptable choices, you could unexpectedly place some unacceptable side of the scale, making it much harder to suppress negative indexed lists.


Optimize press releases/posts:

Press discharge enhancement is another significant standing administration strategy. Understanding what sort of content is newsworthy and promotable is an exceptionally specific ability. This is particularly evident with regards to creating press releases after an emergency or troublesome, viral consistent pattern of media reporting. Be that as it may, it’s similarly essential to ensure press posts/releases are optimized to rank for your image in Google.


Uploading fresh content consistently:

Consistency is the key to any and every task. With informative and interesting content posted frequently for attracting the viewers affects the negative reviews. With positive content appearing on the search engine, it gets noticed on priority.


Signing off:

Sage Titans is the best agency for your brand/business.


We are a data-driven marketing agency that follows a realistic approach. The right transformation and providing exposure is what we focus on. With a team of experts, the growth of your business is in the right hands. While Sage Titans has been a pioneer in helping businesses flourish across the globe, management of the same is well taken care of.


With a data driven work culture, Sage Titans delivers what is accurate and that makes a real difference. Be it any business, with Sage Titans it only heads to become a brand.


Log on to the website to book a free ORM consultation today!


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