Our Promise of Trust and Commitment

At Sage Titans, our promise of trust & professionalism to each other, our clients, and the industry we serve coerces us to straighten our ethos of sincerity with our purposes, words, and behaviours.

By establishing outstanding examples for us, and our clients, our dedication to buttressing Sage Titans' values is evident: There is never a circumstance when arbitrating our principles is demanded or acceptable. To promote our ethos of uprightness, Sage Titans has formed a sturdy integrity/standard program that incorporates our Code of Conduct.

Leadership message: Values Shape us. Excellence Distinguishes us.

At Sage Titans, we endeavour to be the world's driving marketing agency by encouraging sustainable financial growth and economic possibility.

This faith or goal cannot be achieved without the aid of the company's most precious resource: our people. All that we do, each suggestion we give, each exchange we execute, each resource we deal with, every synergy in which we partake—should serve to expand that belief. Sustaining our core purposes of the association, client cooperation, uprightness, and perfection is a duty that each of us should take earnestly, and I am sanctified to support these values.

Rajiv Sharma - Founder, Sage Titans

Serving our customers with the most elevated proficient principles

Making your demeanour count is surrounding cultivating admiration, reasonableness and shared moral qualities and portrays practices that we anticipate from - and for - our people so they can be at their choicest every day.

We are privileged to have the faith of the clients that

we work with, and we gain that confidence by continually working & behaving with tremendous honesty; by giving accurate and fair advice; by placing our clients' businesses before our own; and preserving our clients' classified and sensible information. We anticipate all partners to work or respond in ways that verify and strengthen our attached belief.

Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Sage Titans Policies

We must each operate within the bounds of all laws, regulations, and internal policies applicable to Sage Titans‘ business, wherever we conduct it. Where local laws are less restrictive than this Code, you must comply with the Code, even if your conduct would otherwise be legal. On the other hand, if local laws are more restrictive than the Code, you must always comply with those laws.

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