Ecommerce Marketplace Marketing Strategies – 2024 [Guide]

Author: Ecommerce Titans Date: April 11, 2021
ecommerce marketplace marketing strategies

Ecommerce Marketplace Marketing Strategies – 2024 [Guide]

E-commerce businesses are now facing much more tough competition than ever. There won’t be a single product in the market that is not already being sold on the Internet. As a result, thousands of stores are struggling to make their mark. This means if you, too, are struggling to find a ground in your niche, you have to put in considerable effort to plan your e-commerce marketing strategies and be unique. 


But that doesn’t answer where to put your efforts or how to plan the eCommerce marketplace marketing. The e-commerce platforms face a change in the tide of ecommerce marketing strategies almost every day. So, keeping up with all that is new and simultaneously focusing on your clients is certainly not a piece of cake. However, with a detailed guide, you can learn all there is to launch your eCommerce store or upgrade your already existing internet mall and execute marketing strategies to expand the reach. 


So, let’s dive in!


How to attract sellers for your eCommerce website

Statistics by Statista show that the present eCommerce customer stands at a whopping 2.14 billion people, which is about 28% of the global population. Therefore all of it is for yours to take! But, what do you offer them?


A great niche-specific site offering the best products to their customers that are sourced from multiple vendors provides your audience with plenty of choices regarding design, quality, and budget. However, finding great sellers for your eCommerce business is as difficult a task as it is to attract customers. It would help if you had solid ecommerce marketing strategies to win the sellers with the best quality products. Luckily, you can always use social media to your rescue.


Social media is a growing hub not only for consumers but also producers. So, invest time and research to target suppliers and vendors that are known to produce high-quality products. Show them what you offer and how you are better than other stores they supply to. Instead of just telling them things, prove them using comparison tables and more, and win them over!


How to attract sellers if you are new to the industry?

Attracting sellers can be difficult if you have just launched an eCommerce website, but know that even sellers want to sell their produce. Instead of marketing yourself, look out for B2B sellers that are posting ads and are putting effort to sell their products. You can contact sellers through:

Use social networking:

  1. Use social media to share your success stories.
  2. Portray what your store has achieved or what is upcoming if you are new.
  3. Research your industry. Share in-depth statistics and facts through blog posts and attract vendors to your business. When they believe in your work, you can create the best together.

Facebook Marketplace and several other eCommerce marketplace marketing channels support seller and supplier groups. Joining these groups can help you gain inside your business’s deets and how other industry leaders work to achieve the best vendors. Any number of groups can have multiple vendors. Choose the ones that have a creative flair and will continue to provide the best. 

How to promote a multi-vendor eCommerce store?

Selling the product of multiple vendors means that you bring the best of many to one place. Now, this is precisely what you have to show to your customers. Amazon and eBay are the most popular online malls that sell multi-vendor products. 


But, how do you bring this into the focus of the public?


Know your game

The first step you have to take is setting a specific niche for your online brand or establishing your market if you sell many different kinds of products. These are also known as vertical and horizontal markets, respectively. 

A vertical e-commerce store sells specific products like shoes alone. Therefore, create campaigns in line with that you sell the best of your niche. A horizontal store sells everything from jewelry to camera lenses to clothes. Hence, you can build your ecommerce marketing campaigns around the values of what your eCommerce store sells. So, present that you bring varying products to a single platform, and your customers need not flood their phones with many apps to buy different things.


Know your customers

A successful ecommerce marketplace marketer knows when to showcase products and make them hold value. Hence, launch seasonal promotions. For example, the holiday season and festivals are times when people are free and willing to buy products for themselves and others. Similarly, look into when your audience is most likely to browse their phones during the weeks. Use these times to launch weekly deals.


Several eCommerce stores launch daily deals at times of office lunch breaks and commute hours to lure customers when they are likely to check their phones and chase away some boredom.

In this case, eCommerce personalization and behavioral tracking play a very crucial role. Here is the complete eCommerce personalization guide that will help you stay ahead of the competition. 


Use email marketing

Email marketing is an irreplaceable source of generating ROI. If your email campaign’s online marketing is on point, you get fast engagement within the first hour of email delivery. This means, sending your email an hour or two before you launch your sales deals. Give people a timer in the email to know what they will be missing if they do not take action.


Separate eCommerce marketplace marketing strategy for new and old sellers

You can use the eCommerce marketplace marketing plan that is benefitting age-worn stores to help start-ups. For a fact, you are new and are not sure of many things that others have learned through years of practice. But you need not worry about trying and failing. Use the following tips and implement them today:


Marketing for new eCommerce sellers

Pick the right platform:

You need to have a platform that will take care of the front-end and the back-end development so that you can spend your initial days focusing on your products and customers. Being a start-up, you can’t focus on everything simultaneously, so ask for help when you need it.


SEO is important:

You need to have an SEO-optimized website to draw traffic. It is excellent if you have a platform that helps you do SEO optimization, but if not, spend time to know how SEO works and utilize the knowledge.


Channel your uniqueness:

Each store has something unique to offer. As you are new to the game, you will be presenting something fresh to the audience. Understand what your specialty is and create a specific audience base around it.


Marketing for old sellers:

Use web analytics:

Being an established store, you have a treasure house to explore in your web analytics. Do in-depth research about everything. Where is your audience coming from? What campaigns are drawing more people? What times are people more active? Which suppliers are the audience’s favorite? Use these to tweak your store and learn more.


Use Google Analytics:

Google is a horde house of all information. To understand how your SEO is affecting your business and whether the organic search is drawing in customers or not.


Use social media:

If you are an already established eCommerce marketplace with a regular visiting audience, there is a chance you don’t pay much attention to social media. But, you could increase your revenue even more if you use the power of social media and draw in a whole new audience to your site.


Go to strategies

14 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Using

Several go-to strategies work for all kinds of businesses, whether you are a household name or just started with your eCommerce store. Here is what you need to know:


Use Influencers:

If you are going to make a comeback on social media, make use of influencers. You can contact several eCommerce marketplace marketing experts that work with influencers to get the best rates or contact influencers directly and sort it out. Check out this in-depth guide to learn more about influencer marketing.



You need to collaborate with influencers and other brands that speak to you. Launch products together and use the collective audience base to grow mutually.



Advertising at the right time, through the proper channels, and to the right audience is the key for many audiences. Not only does it make more people aware of your business, but it also helps increase your revenue manifold. Promotional advertising always works best. You could also launch eCommerce marketing ad campaigns that focus on providing solutions. 


You may now agree that all the given above data point to one thing, and it is simple. In this post, the various procedures we have discussed are for a standard website and a wider range of e-commerce marketplaces where many sellers are included, be it online clothing stores, delivery stores, grocery stores, and much more.


These eCommerce marketplace marketing tips are the best way to bring the best to an eCommerce store and extend your audience’s best.


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