Online Sales Leads Generation Strategies To Keep Your Business Rolling

Author: sageadmin Date: June 29, 2022
online lead generation strategies

Online Sales Leads Generation Strategies To Keep Your Business Rolling

Sales leads are very easy to generate. No one said this ever.

If you have tried it before, you know it isn’t about handing out flyers to let people know you are in business. With over 30 million small businesses generating trillions of dollars in revenues combined, it is more important than ever to access a never-ending stream of opportunities to generate sales leads that keep your business running.

Not only do you have to navigate shrewd buyers and compete against the hungry competitors, but you also have to figure out tons of misinformation available online. The truth is that you have to tailor the digital marketing strategies that are in sync with your organization, industry, service/ product, and target audience.

You can’t ignore it since more leads= more sales. Clearly, to drive company growth, you need more sales leads. But how to get started? Let’s find out more!

But before that, let’s find out why you should even consider sales lead generation in the first place.

Why Are Sales Leads A Must-Have?

Your purpose in starting a business is to grow and expand. What’s the point of creating a digital presence if you can’t convert potential buyers into customers? There should be a steady inflow of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

But every business owner wants this. So, in a world where attention spans are even less than a goldfish, attracting customers is challenging. This is why generating sales leads is a lot more critical. That’s where lead generation strategies come into the picture.

Here are some statistics that reveal the importance of lead generation strategies:

  • Lead generation is the #1 priority for marketers- Hubspot.

  • Companies with effective lead generation strategies have around 133% more revenue than the ones that don’t.

  • The numbers explain that without sales leads, you can’t have sales and eventually revenue. You need to initiate a conversation so visitors turn into leads and, ultimately, your loyal customers.

    But how? Let’s find out!

    Strategies To Generate Quality Sales Leads For Your Business

    Search Engine Optimisation/ SEO:

    More than 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine. This makes SEO an important and quick way of getting more clients, increasing sales, and driving business growth. How can you ignore the fact that almost 1000 new users are coming to your website every month?

    This is why SEO goes hand-in-hand with generating sales lead generation strategy. Because the more your website appears on SERPs, the more potential customers will land with your brand. In fact, more than 55% of B2B marketers confirm that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.

    lead generation small business_

    Here’s the step-wise roadmap to generate sales leads through SEO.

    1. Defining and creating a customer persona will help you generate relevant content that will target their questions, problems, desires, frustrations, and motivations.

    2. Figure out what your competitors are doing using the right analysis tool. This will help you find their top pages and pay extra attention to where the traffic is coming from.

    3. Perform a content audit and check your relative strengths and weaknesses to focus your SEO efforts and fill any content gaps.

    4. Use the right keywords and turn visitors into leads. For instance, what type of content will you be looking for at every stage if you are looking for a TV?

    5. lead generation small businesses

      Now that you have enough information about keywords and the lead generation funnel, you can decide on a content strategy. Your ideal leads are probably looking for the same content and can help you increase sales leads by multiple folds.

    6. Promote Google reviews so that people visit your website with a mindset of buying instead of searching.

    Overall, SEO will help you become a suitable online space where customers would love to spend time and buy their respective products/ services.

    Pay Per Click/ PPC:

    It is a way of buying visitors to your website instead of only relying on organic methods like SEO. This method allows you to appear on page 1 and be in front of potential customers searching for the issues you are providing solutions for.

    lead generation small business2

    In short, your customers will learn about you and what you offer. Bingo! But that’s not why you should give it a go in the first place. It’s because:

    1. With PPC, you get extensive data to reach high-quality leads and convert them into sales. This can further help you tweak your entire online marketing efforts.

    2. Since the ads are more targeted, you will generate high-quality sales leads. Plus, you will have more control over your audience. This will give you more insights into reaching more.

    3. You will meet your target audience since Google accommodates more than 3 billion daily searches. So, you can leverage the audience and reach your customers using this cost-friendly strategy.

    4. Every business strategy revolves around generating better ROI. This marketing strategy allows you to generate sales leads that produce impressive ROI.

    5. Grow your database of leads where you can market using other strategies and generate conversions.

    Social Media Marketing

    If you are all set to move beyond awareness and engagement, social media marketing is the ideal next step to generating sales leads. This will help you find people interested in your company and a platform to reach them directly. You can also use the same platform to let your customers know about special offers or share news.

    However, social media continues to evolve and is no longer an optional channel for brands. Using social media, you can influence and improve many areas of your marketing efforts, including generating sales leads.

    Besides the engagement part, since social media has built-in targeting and contact information, you can find leads by sending the right message. Using geo-targeting and location tools can help you generate sales leads for your business.

    lead generation small business 3

    Email Marketing

    This is the #1 technique to generate sales leads for your business. If you want any kind of lead generation in this format, you can try an email newsletter where you share high-value and relevant content.

    Even triggered emails help to activate some action from the customers. Since you will be tailoring content as per your customers, it will help you extract maximum benefit.

    Further, segmenting your emails will help you create content or strategy per subscribing behavior. But everything begins with creating an email list. Craft effective CTAs so that your visitors feel connected instantly.

    lead generation small business4

    Want to learn more about generating sales leads? Here are some frequently asked questions about sales lead generation that you must know.

    What Is Sales Lead Generation?

    Sales lead generation is a process of attracting prospects to your business and increasing their interest through different marketing strategies to increase the chances of converting them into customers. This is a critical process for any digital marketing plan.


    What Is A Sales Lead?

    A visitor has expressed his/her interest in your service or business but hasn’t converted yet. This is why you must have an idea about the marketing funnel.

    small business lead generation5

    Your leads are typically placed somewhat in between where the person who knows about your brand is still contemplating whether to go ahead. If you want someone to turn from visitors to leads, you have to begin by familiarizing them with your company and interest typically.

    Why Do You Need Sales Leads?

    The idea is simple. If you don’t have leads, you can’t convert them into customers. You need to generate sales leads first to get them to go down the marketing funnel. To convert leads, you must first convert visitors into leads so that you can target them with a tailored strategy that will push them to make a decision.


    There you have it, folks. You know the right strategies to keep your business rolling. But if you want to generate sales leads for your business, we recommend you to consider talking to a professional digital marketing agency. You will learn more about your site visitors and what strategies will prompt them to convert.

    Sage Titans help businesses tweak and test every step of the lead generation process so that you will improve your lead quality and ultimately revenue.

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