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How To Push Down Negative Search Results In 2023

Author: sageadmin Date: August 26, 2022

How To Push Down Negative Search Results In 2023

The nature of the Internet has made it workable for anybody to go on the web and offer their viewpoints about products, services, organisations and people unreservedly. There is no reality-checking, and many individuals and organizations are falling victims to this vote based online world. 


Casualties of online slander can endure significantly, and seek help to push down negative search results. Removing negative content from Google indexed lists should be essential for a very organized online reputation management service.


The expression “Google it” is turning into a reality as most people scan Google for individuals, entities, and organizations to learn more before deciding. Product reviews and revenge websites are turning into a wellspring of data regardless of how honest they are.


Disposing of, erasing, and pushing down negative search results can be an overwhelming errand only experienced and expert Online Reputation Repair Experts like Sage Titans can do.


While some content can undoubtedly be erased from Google, pushing down other substances from Google searches can appear to be unthinkable. 


Pushing down negative search results from Google requires an intensive comprehension of advertising, Search Engine Optimization trends and strategies, and dominating advanced marketing.


Why is it essential to push down negative search results from Google?

When individuals Google you, what they see online can affect their insight. So what is the effect of assuming there would be anything negative showing up in your search results?


Indeed, did you realize that Google controls 93% of search engine traffic? More than 90% of individuals only look at the first page of Google search results to shape their impression.


Assuming 64% of individuals trust Google indexed lists while analyzing, it is not difficult to see why individuals, organizations and brands should discover how they can approach pushing down negative search results from Google.


A new Pew Research survey found that 74% of U.S. adults say it is critical to hold things about themselves back from being accessible online rather than finding potentially valid data about others.


85% of U.S. adults say that all Americans should reserve the privilege of having conceivably humiliating photographs and recordings eliminated from online query items. 


56% of U.S. adults say all Americans ought to reserve the privilege to have harmful media inclusion about themselves eliminated from public search results.


The Significance of Google Search Result Positioning

Here is the meltdown of standard traffic percentages by Google results rankings from 1 – 15.

ORM- remove negative content


Information That You Can Delete or Push Down from Google

Following is the information that you push down from Google or other search results:

  • Bank account numbers
  • Images of signatures
  • Credit card numbers
  • Nude or sexually explicit photos
  • Confidential, individual clinical records of private individuals
  • Argentine Single Tax Identification Number
  • U.S. Social Security Number
  • Korea Resident Registration Number
  • Brazil Registration of Individuals


The Truths About Pushing Down Negative Searches 

Aside from Google information removal policies, and aside from the data, you need to be gone from Google search results on Google’s services/products. 


You are left alone helpless before these site proprietors who post and distribute your details.


In case you are uncertain concerning who possesses the site your subtleties are at, essentially direct a Who is search and note down as many insights regarding the website hosting company (usually emails found with Whois search will uncover which organization has the site on the web) (which you may contact if reaching the site proprietor doesn’t bring about any reply) (you might need to send a letter of maltreatment about the domain being referred to the hosting company. 


Note that regardless of whether the web hosting company makes a move, the site proprietor can observe another web hosting company re-put a similar detail without much of a stretch.


Recall this before you spend a penny, penny, dime, bitcoin, or whatever else cash you are utilizing.


That suggests, the people who ensure the removal of names or adverse audits, as a rule, adhere to hindered ways of overseeing reputation (generally, inferior quality (cheap articles) with likely SEO for higher Google rankings. 


Avoid such practices, or probably your content found on the web will be much harder to oversee in light of the fact that once an organization starts this way, they really can’t eliminate that extra data they put on such inferior quality sites, thus may causing more damage than anything else. You can visit the Google help section here to manage your reputation.


What then, at that point, happens is that data you need to be eliminated may really go down (assuming its situated on ineffectively constructed disliked trick sort of sites) for a brief period (this is because Google has a long memory and tracks individuals’ conduct once they visit a link from Google search results).


Be that as it may, assuming the data you need to be pushed down from Google search is on famous sites, then, at that point, you should be insightful with regard to the quandary you are confronting. This means the more prominent the site the more data you need to be buried, and the harder you should work at pushing down those undesirable content.


How to push down negative content from Google searches?

To assist with responding to the topic of how to push down negative indexed results from google,


Sage Titans’ reputation management experts will share some supportive data. Pushing down negative search results from Google needs to go through the accompanying advances:


1. Analyse the negative content

Analyze the negative content and track down the legitimate reason for expulsion. What laws or security and data acts does the damaging substance violate? This progression requires a complete comprehension of the laws and acts before contacting Google.


2. Write a legitimate solicitation

Write a legitimate solicitation that distinguishes how the harmful content you wish Google to eliminate violates your liberties and what this means for your occupation. Specific legitimate and social keywords should be carefully utilized in your draft.


3. Avoid submitting online forms

Avoid submitting online forms to demand Google eliminate harmful content. This suggestion is highly fundamental to pushing down content from Google effectively.


Google is a trillion-dollar organization with more than 150,000 workers, if not more. You hazard being unseen by submitting online forms to demand content expulsion from Google. Utilizing enrolled mail and tending to the right contact is an unquestionable requirement.


4. Use your drafted request prior

Use your drafted request prior to sending it to Google to haggle with the facilitating site to get them to erase the negative content. Most organizations infringing upon your freedoms can get completely prohibited and delisted from Google. No genuine site will want to be banned from Google as they rely upon them for traffic.


5. Go to Court

If Google overlooks or denies your solicitation to eradicate the harmful content, you want to go to court and get a court request to drive both the facilitating site and Google to erase the harmful content.


Erase what you can, however making helpful content to neutralize the negatives is an astounding method for keeping up with the strength of your online reputation and lifting your search results.

Negative content


How to Push Down Negative Search Results on Google?

Making a positive online presence is constructing a strategic communications program. 

An essential correspondence plan is a report that diagrams your center objectives as a business or individual, so you can adjust your advanced system to meet them.
To stifle negative links, you’ll need to make a great deal of positive content that positions over the damaging content on the web.


Make a Sophisticated ORM Plan

It’s ideal to have an essential communications plan that summarises your objectives and key messages, so your message stays reliable and each piece of content you make functions all in all to support your online reputation. Incredible and steady messaging should be at the center of your reputation restoration methodology.


Meanwhile, think about the accompanying questions while making your ORM plan:

  • What objectives would you say you are attempting to accomplish with the new specific content?
  • Who is your ideal target audience (who will be looking for your name)?
  • What messages would you like to pass on to your audience?
  • What platforms will you use to pass on your key messages?
  • How might you gauge your results?


Utilize Social Media

You should utilize social media to smother harmful content on the web. Not exclusively is social media free and comfortable to use, yet social media platforms usually have high Domain Authority (DA), which means they’ll rank high on web search engines.


By utilizing social media, you’ll gain a tonne of that first-page search for real estate basically by making online media accounts (indeed, nearly). It’s critical that you want to keep these informal organizations dynamic to have them rank on the web. If you have an expressionless social profile in your name and never post content on it, you’ll be more averse to seeing that platform rank on Google. Google leans toward long-structure content that is huge, fascinating and new.


You can utilize platforms like Buffer to plan and automate posts:

This will guarantee you keep your social networks adequately dynamic to rank in search ultimately. Once more, it’s not relatively as straightforward as utilizing automation tools. Numerous interpersonal organizations can identify automation tools, and keeping in mind that they are permitted on multiple social stages, your audience reach might be diminished. Following are major social media platforms on which you can create your account:

  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • Howl
  • Business repository
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Facebook
  • Medium
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • About. me
  • WordPress
  • Instagram

Social Media

Push fantastic content about your Brand proactively/Compose Articles and Get Them Published on different sites

The negative stories that show up on the news locales about your image are not positioned since they are harmful. They rank on the grounds that the story contains your or your brand name and keywords. Pushing positive tales about your image all through gives you a chance to change the discussion and discernment encompassing your image. A decent PR group like Sage Titans should be doing this for you as a feature of online reputation management.


Ensure that you or your brand name is included in the post’s title to allow it an exceptional opportunity of positioning for inquiries identified with your business. Figure out how to turn into a Forbes contributor by exploiting this.


At the point when you do get a positive story distributed, you would then be able to remember for it a connection to your site. Then, at that point, push the post all through your online media channels to give it a further lift.


By guaranteeing the content about the subject is both unbiased and honest, the media will pursue it as authentic news content. You’re figuring out how you need individuals to see you by anonymously composing articles about yourself and recruiting distributors to share the data on their platforms.


Here is a summation of the work process for the article writing and distributing method: 


a) Write a 1000-word article about yourself with a positive element. 


b) Edit the article for language structure, punctuation and accuracy. However, the article ought to be positively written in the third person, so it peruses as news. 


c) Look for blog and webpage owners who consent to distribute your article on their Google News sites for a sensible expense. 


Somewhere in the range of $50 – $500 is standard; however, you can track down more mediocre sites for $30 publishing expenses.


Concede that your Brand is more visible than ever

No legitimate business at any point decides to give a negative encounter with the clients. In any case, the choices you make and every one of the potential outcomes ought to be thought out from the perspective of reputation management as one way to push down negative search results from Google.


You ought to proactively screen your brand’s reputation and set up plans to respond to any regrettable circumstance, with subtleties on how you’ll manage negative reviews, objections, and issues from displeased clients.


Comment publicly on news stories, discussions, and social networking sites.

You might use your real name to enlist on media sites and comment on articles, but these posts don’t score just like those on the previously referenced locales. 
Posting under your real name might be a brilliant strategy for advertising yourself, assuming that you’re willing to participate in any self-censorship. Realizing that all that you say online could wind up on Google, utilize your posts to your advantage: distribute insightfully, syntactically right, spell-checked, all around contemplated messages. Introduce yourself in the field where you need to construct a reputation for yourself.


Run an organized paid social media campaign

This methodology ought to be maneuvered carefully and utilized uniquely in some instances. Assuming you have effectively put the time into working out your online presence and keep on being reliably dynamic on these websites, you will see positive changes over the long run – changes that can, in reality, endure. This is consistently the establishment we prescribe at first when individuals need to cover negatively indexed lists.

Notwithstanding, if you really want a little boost in light of a specific goal – like getting more clients, increasing brand awareness or getting particular sorts of social media engagement, then, at that point, maybe you ought to consider a paid social media campaign.



Push down of negative search results permits a business or individual to characterize their professional image and conclude how they will be seen on the internet. 


Sage Titans is an organization that can help you repair your damaged reputation and make sure you or your business is depicted positively online.

View a short video on how to manage your online reputation.

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