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How to UnGoogle Yourself – Delete All your Information From Google Searches?

Author: sageadmin Date: June 09, 2022

How to UnGoogle Yourself – Delete All your Information From Google Searches?

For no specific reason, we all prefer to Google ourselves to see what kind of things are said about us on the web crawler, however, what happens when Google turns up results that we don’t appreciate? How would we get our name taken out from search engines when the material there is harmful?

With regards to eliminating your information from the web and how to delete all your information from Google searches, where do you begin?

With the assistance of Sage Titans, your answer begins with a total analysis of every singular piece of information on the web. The team at Sage Titans searches every single site possible to guarantee we assemble all the data related to you.

Where Does The Data Come From? All Sources Of Google Information

News stories:

News stories are significant sources of plausible data. If a news story has recently been expounded on you or your business, many individuals can track down the article on the off chance that they run a Google search. Numerous celebrities, like legislators and VIPs, typically have many news stories expounded on them or the work they do.

Social Media:

On the off chance that you have a social media profile on any platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and you typically utilize your genuine name and have posted pictures of you, your family, partners, companions, or whatever else, you will have areas of strength for an on the web.

Whenever somebody runs a search on your name, your social media profile will come up first on Google’s results page. Under the pictures area on the search results page, your photographs will be documented in the order you posted them. On the off chance that you are tagged or cited by another person, those data will show up as search results on the Google web index.

YouTube Videos:

On the off chance that somebody makes a video recording of you following through with something and posts it on YouTube along with your name, Google will rank the YouTube video top on the lists page. A similar applies to explicit recordings. While Google has done a great deal to forestall normal web looks from delivering explicit outcomes, individuals who are explicitly looking for nude photographs and obscene videos of you can undoubtedly track them down if they are accessible on the web.


Many blogs are being run for a wide range of reasons. Some individuals blog only for the sake of it as well as other people blog for business reasons. Regardless, on the off chance that you own a website or you’ve composed a few articles for web journals, your name will probably come up when somebody Googles your name.

Consumer Reviews and Comments:

Composing reviews and testimonials about organizations, products, or services is great customer practice, yet if your confidential information will be distributed alongside the review, it can make you anxious. Since Google normally ranks remarks, reviews, and testimonials, this content will show up on the search results page.

ungoogle yourself

The Most Effective Methods To UnGoogle Yourself

At the point when you need to unGoogle yourself, you should utilize the information collected during analysis to pursue informed choices. The following are a portion of the means you can take to unGoogle yourself:

Eliminate Blog and Website Content Including Your Name:

On the off chance that you are a blogger or you’ve recently composed articles that you’re properly attributed for, make certain to have those articles and websites brought down. This is a colossal advance during the time spent unGoogling yourself. On the off chance that you have recently remarked on articles and composed reviews containing your real name and other individual subtleties, you ought to ponder eliminating those reviews and comments as one of the approaches to unGoogling yourself.

Reach Publishers:

At the point when third parties have distributed data about you, whether exact or wrong, you have the right to privacy, so you can demand the distributors to bring down the content or exclude your name and individual subtleties from the articles. You must reach out to the distributors when the negative content is distributed. Most distributors won’t give you trouble as they grasp your right to privacy. Assuming the content on their site is derogatory, you can make a legal move if the distributor will not bring down the article.

Ungoogle Yourself on Social Media Platforms:

If you have any desire to erase yourself from Google or eliminate your social profiles from Google search, you should initially erase your profiles out and out. In straightforward terms, close every social account. That implies no more Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. At the point when you are prepared to erase all your social media accounts, the process is generally clear.

To begin, sign into every account you have, to erase. Then, go to your account settings, which are in many cases situated in the upper right corner of your screen. Find the “Deactivate Account” choice starting from the drop menu, which permits you to terminate your profile. Recollect that every platform might have an alternate interaction to erase or cripple your account.

At the point when you eliminate your profiles, you will impede admittance to the websites that gather the data you’ve presented on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

mugshots removal

Google’s Guidelines For Removal Of Content

After reaching Google with your objection, the organization will possibly make a move if:

  1. Online content contains your government-backed social security number, ID number, and other classified individual ID numbers.

  2. Google Search Results contain pictures of determining records.

  3. Results contain pictures of people younger than 18 years

  4. Online content shows login subtleties, for example, username and passwords

  5. Google results contain classified clinical records and other private data.

  6. Content contains your email, telephone number, and house address.


Google’s specialized staff comprehend how the Google search engine works, so they can eliminate content about you on demand. If a distributor wouldn’t bring down or alter content that is a clear infringement of Google’s policy, the organization has the legitimate right to eliminate the content from the results.

It is vital to take note that Google can’t eliminate content that has been shared through a public source of data, for example, a government agency site or a trustworthy media source because the data comprises a public report.

Conceal data you can’t eliminate:

On the off chance that you have a humiliating mug shot or another issue that appears on a Google search and you just can’t dispose of it even after reaching Google or the site proprietor, then you can essentially get anything that you could do without to appear on the second page of Google, as per the tech expert Caleb Riutta of Dusk Digital. You do this by flooding Google with different pages that have your name. New social profiles and other individual blogs can all push down negative search results in google.

Conceal your home on Google Maps:

A Google search of your home address will raise a photograph of your home on Google Maps. On the off chance that that makes you discomfiting, you can get Google to obscure your home without any problem. Simply go to Google Maps, search for your location, and click on the photograph of your home. The picture will broaden and you’ll see a black box show up with your location. Click on the menu within the crate and pick Report a Problem. Finish up the form that surfaces on the screen, and submit it when you’re finished. One significant note: This is irreversible and can’t be undone.

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